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to create in stillness (2024)

for solo violin and live electronics

ca. 4' minutes

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To Create In Stillness (2024)

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Written with gratitude for my teacher of live electronics at The Royal Conservatory of Ghent, Jesse Broekman

Technical requirements:

  • 2 loudspeakers (preferably 4, set up around the audience)
  • 1 high-quality microphone
  • Audio Interface with appropriate cables
  • Computer running Ableton (Live or Lite) 10 or higher

Premiered by:

Arian Sadrayimousavi (violin)

Milo Paulus (electronics)

at The Soundlab in Ghent, Belgium

on January 23rd, 2024

program notes

 Creating in stillness was the main aspiration behind the piece. Starting in silent simplicity with just a single instrument and seeing where that would take me and what worlds would open up when the instrument starts to become processed by live electronic.

Written as an experiment to see what can be done using all the most basic Ableton Live, live processing features, like looping, note freezing, recording triggers, and pitch shifting. The electronic part was always intended to function as a natural extension of, and working in symbiosis with, the acoustic instrument, and never as an artificial over-or-undercurrent that’s instead juxtaposed with it.

I wanted to write something very practical, and especially on the electronic side of things, be very easy to perform and navigate for someone with less experience with live electronics. So, all the processing features are mapped to ordinary keys on a MIDI keyboard which led me to be able to write the electronic part out in traditional notation as if it was an acoustic counterpart to the main violin voice. 


Artboard 1

You've taken a step in a new, unexpected direction, creating something quite different compared to previous works I've heard from you

— jesse broekman

Artboard 1

Thank you for the score! It was my pleasure performing this new, beautiful work.

— Arian Sadrayimousavi

portrait of milo paulus


Milo Paulus (b. August 14th, 1999) is a Dutch composer, conductor, orchestrator and score producer specializing in original music for concerts, screen and stage productions. His catalog spans a diverse range of styles and influences for both instrumental and vocal works, as well as countless original soundtracks for films and video-games. His works have been commissioned by various performing groups, festivals and institutions.

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