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suite from “double slam” (2022)

two themes for string orchestra

ca. 11 minutes

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Double Slam (2022)

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I. A Regular Night of Mischief and Thievery

II. Kitchen Capers and Garden Escape

Premiered by:

Students and conductors of the Antwerp Royal Conservatory on 15th of February, 2023 in De Zwarte Zaal, concert hall


Double Slam is a puzzle co-op game with an original story set in the 18th century. Coordinate with a partner, launch objects into the air, solve escape room-like puzzles, and destroy any evidence before finding freedom!

The typical style of that time period, the mood, characters and story made a good base for the music. As composer it was of course very fun to go crazy in the field of instrumentation, musical drama, thrilling atmospheres and timbers, because it's such an extravagant and outgoing subject.


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Artboard 1

The soundtrack is filled to the edge with interesting orchestral textures, colors and atmospheres. We found it inspiring and fitting for the game.

— the double slam dev. team

Artboard 1

Wonderfully delicate orchestration, fun, and music that is interesting from start to finish. It has a great atmosphere and dramatic arch holding our attention.

— antonio nunes

Artboard 1

This soundtrack is really of excellent quality. Such a dreamy opening, but then wait ... this sounds like the music to underscore a nightmare, in the best way.

— donna mitchell

portrait of milo paulus


Milo Paulus (b. August 14th, 1999) is a Dutch composer, conductor, orchestrator and score producer specializing in original music for concerts, screen and stage productions. His catalog spans a diverse range of styles and influences for both instrumental and vocal works, as well as countless original soundtracks for films and video-games. His works have been commissioned by various performing groups, festivals and institutions.

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